Found this on E-Bay.

New intake piping and exhaust stack will be included and installed prior to delivery

My friend has a 2x4 and would never let me take a picture of them side by side for a size comparison. It really makes it look small.

This streach will allow for an actual lift by using larger tires. So your drive train will actually be higher off the ground. Up to 5 inch larger tires. This will allow for 2 of the rear tires to be used up front.

I have a used John Deere gator 4x6 utility truck. THIS IS THE 3 CYLINDER DIESEL YANMAR POWERPLANT. This is just getting broke in. I stretched the rear frame by 9 inches overall. The stock bent sheetmetal frame was reinforced from front to back with tube stock. Front floor board was reinforced with thicker plate steel and a triangulating brace added in front as well. The brake packs are brand new.

It has an ihi turbo charger boosting up to 8 psi as the fuel pump is currently set. Custom tools were made to adjust the high pressure pump. The top speed is still 18 mph but it gets there right now blowing a cloud of black smoke. The bed has been set back 4 inches along with the stretch will allow for a rear seat or tool box behind the front seats. It is equipped with water temp, boost, oil pressure, and voltage.